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Inspirational live talks by top guides, naturalists and explorers taking you on virtual journeys of discovery to some of the most pristine and remote corners of the planet.

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Earth Talks offers live, interactive online talks by leading guides, naturalists and explorers from across the world.   A new zero impact form of tourism, allowing you to connect with people and remarkable places from across the planet from the comfort of your own home.

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Meet our speakers


Brittain Noel
Documentary Film Maker and Travel Photographer.


Conor Ryan
Zoologist and research associate specialising in whales.


Dagný Ívarsdóttir
Adventure and Polar Expedition Guide from Iceland.

David Allcorn

David Allcorn
Naturalist and explorer specialising in Arctic ecosystems.


David Shaw
Wildlife biologist, professional photographer and writer.

Ella Potts

Ella Potts
Marine Biologist, Wildlife Filmmaker and Expedition Guide.


Emmett Clarkin
Expedition Diver and Underwater Photographer from Ireland.


Helder de Oliveira
South American explorer, guide and conservationist.


Jonathan Green
Naturalist, wildlife photographer and whale shark expert.

Joyie Lam

Joyie Lam
Passionate global traveller from Pacific island of Saipan.


Max Seigal
Wildlife photographer, adventurer and nature lover.


Maya Santangelo
Polar Diver and Undersea Specialist.


Michael Jackson
Author, committed naturalist and avid traveller.

Norby Lopez

Norby Lopez
Tropical forests biologist, explorer of the Andes and Amazon.

Santiago Bejarano

Santiago Bejarano
Tour leader, naturalist and photographer from Ecuador.

Stefano Pozzi

Stefano Pozzi
Polar regions expert, explorer and photographer.


Tom Hart
Polar ecologist and Penguin Watch founder.

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