Norby Lopez

Native of Ecuador, Norby--a biologist, birder and naturalist--has over three decades of experience guiding, tour leading, and operating nature and birding tours throughout Ecuador, including the Galapagos Islands, biodiverse Central and South America, especially along the Orinoco and Amazon river basins.

He is a cofounder and managed the success of Napo Wildlife Center in Amazonian Ecuador, an internationally awarded lodge built and developed with the native indigenous community of Añangu. Norby has participated with different research and conservation organizations, establishing and managing wildlife reserves, and assisting with the production of nature documentaries for different institutions, including the BBC. He also served in the public sector at the Ministry of Tourism of Ecuador.

Norby continues working in the private sector developing tourism projects in natural areas; some of which are members of the National Geographic collection: Unique Lodges of the World. He is interested in tropical forest ecology, its biodiversity, avian in particular, as well as working in habitat restoration and conservation, monitoring parrots, macaws and mammal clay-licks and designing and establishing successful observatories for visitors. He has trained different teams of local bilingual naturalist guides for different lodges, local communities and projects in other countries, loves recording bird and wildlife vocalizations, nature and wildlife photography, and riding motorcycles!